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Office Address: Room 1724, YunSun Tower No.2025 Zhongshan West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Office Manager: Mia:18321723559
About Our Company   -   Who we are and what we do


The R&A-consultants Search firm is the result of combined passion of great veterans who bring in proven track records of successes in some of our own careers as well as renowned reputations within the executive search industry in Greater China. We believe and we act. And we are full of experiences and successes in recruiting the best leaders.

THE R&A-consultants first defines the business model of Leadership Acquisitions for China. We observe and understand how some of our competitors keep on failing in China. We are frustrated by the fact that only a few MNCs successfully acquire good leadership. And we are confident to help bridging this important gap.

Our success is simple. Yours.

  At The R&A-consultants, we believe that leadership acquisition is much more than just finding and hiring an ordinary leader that fits a job description; rather, we believe that searching and acquiring leaders who can deliver amazing values and beyond the ordinaries is core to your company's success. We see the ultimate winning companies are those with the best leaders. We will help companies that are determined to win acquire the best - not the rest. We help you be No.1.

  We do and ONLY do legal recruitment for this stage. We have a very good track record in placing Partners, Of Counsels and regular Associates for top international law firms and local firms, and also General Counsels, Legal Directors, Senior Legal Counsels, Legal Counsels, IP Counsel and Compliance Counsels for Fortune 500 companies in China. 

According to a survey with our private equity friends, this AP/Greater China region does not lack capital or opportunities at all - but the capable and charming leaders who can deliver confidence and see through success. It's our honor to help bridging this gap and to serve you should opportunities arise.

  We define the essence of our duty as: It is not about getting a job from a client, filling the position, or ways of managing it. It's about you and yours. You as a person (can be a client or a candidate ;) the goals, interests and passions that drive you. Your life, family, and business interests - all inextricably linked. The R&A consultants started with a sense of conviction: that our industry could do better. Having spent most of our working lives in executive search, we felt that the crucial importance of Genuine understanding to either the clients or the candidates was being overlooked. It has been an exciting journey, and there is much more to come.

We can assure you the best service at very reasonable price rate, and high-speed exceed your imagination.

Truely hope we can have a chance to cooperate.

Best Regards
The RA –Consultant
Rebecca Yip

The R&A Consultants Co., Ltd. (Executive Legal Search)

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